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Professionally Mounting Your Art is an essential step in creating quality Decor Art.  USA Decor Art utilizes the finest materials and techniques to protect and enhance Your Art.  We offer mounting options and materials for conventional framing, standoffs and canvas gallery wraps. 
1.  Black Sintra is our most popular and most recommended mounting material.  Sintra is a smooth, medium weight, rigid PVC plastic that is extremely resistant to damage.  We recommend 1/8" for mounting art up to 16"x24" and 1/4" for mounting any size art.  Any of our print types can be mounted to Sintra and we also use it to mount and frame Canvas Giclée to prevent damage.  You may also request 1/2" Sintra for wall mounted, unframed prints using aluminum standoffs.  Call, email or send a service ticket for more details.
2.  Black Gatorboard has been around a long time and is an industry standard.  Gatorboard is a smooth, light weight, rigid polystyrene foam core that is laminated between two veneer sheets of resin-impregnated wood fiber.  It's a solid mounting board, not to be confused with soft foam core from the craft stores.  We recommend 1/4" for mounting art up to 16"x24" and 1/2" for mounting any size art.  All print types except Canvas Giclée can be mounted to Gatorboard.
 3.  Clear Acrylic is a premium mounting material and is available in many thicknesses.  Clear Acrylic is the smoothest mounting material, medium weight and rigid.  We recommend 1/8" for mounting art up to 16"x24" and 1/4" for mounting any size art.  All print types except Canvas Giclée can be mounted to Clear Acrylic.  We offer conventional mounting (similar to our other materials) where the back of the art is mounted to the front of the clear acrylic. 
We also offer Face-Mount where the front of the art is mounted to the back of the clear acrylic with an optically-clear adhesive.  The Face-Mount allows you to look through the acrylic at the art and since they are bonded together the acrylic enhances the color and appearance of the art.  We recommend 1/4" and thicker acrylic for the best Face-Mount.  The Face-Mounted Art can be displayed framed or mounted to the wall with aluminum standoffs for a tremendous contemporary presentation.
As a special order, we can supply thicker acrylic, edge polishing and also non-glare acrylic.  Special order requires purchase of a 4'x8' sheet.
4.  Gallery Wrap is a very popular way to display art.  Gallery Wrap is a method of stretching a Giclée Canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the 1-3/8" deep wood bars and is secured to the back of the completed wooden frame.  The image appears on the side of the image as well as the front, the side image being a reflection of the front.  The complete image is visible from the front.  All Gallery Wrap joints are completely finished with no visible canvas overlaps.
There is sometimes confusion between "Gallery Wrap" and a "Stretched Canvas". Gallery Wrap is a finished product that is intended to be hung unframed.  In contrast, Stretched Canvas is not a finished product, it still needs to be framed.
5.  Standoffs
Standoffs are another great way to display contemporary art.  We use a polished aluminum standoff that is 1" in diameter and 1" long.  Most artwork requires a set of four standoffs, one in each corner.  The artwork is displayed 1" off the wall that it is mounted to.  The most common mounting materials are 1/4" acrylic or 1/2" black sintra.  We pre-drill the standoff mounting holes in the mounted artwork prior to shipping.  We supply wall anchors and wall mounting screws to provide an easy final installation.

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